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Guiding Services for Hunts on Wild Quail

A wild quail hunt can be a memory of a lifetime. However, we recognize that key elements must fall in to place for that cherished memory to be created. A guide’s professionalism, proficiency, safety and the quality of dog work are cornerstones of a good hunt. We strive to provide the hunting experience that all of hunters recall fondly while waiting for the next hunting season.

We take pride in selecting our guides from our network of certified Huntsmith Bird Dog Trainers. Each of these trainers has been through our rigorous certification program at Ronnie Smith Kennels in Big Cabin, Oklahoma. The guides are proficient in training and handling dogs utilizing our dog training format, the Silent Command System. By insuring that dogs and guides are trained with the same format we are able to provide consistent performance on our hunts. 

 When you book a hunt with us we can provide:

  • Guide
  • String of trained bird dogs (8 - 10)
  • Hunt rig (crew cab truck or ATV hunting rig)
  • Non-alcoholic refreshments (Please respect our policy of no alchohol on our hunts.)

*Please note that we provide a guide service only. We do not provide lodging or the land to hunt on. 

Please check with Ronnie Smith or Susanna Love for hunt prices and availability.